Is feminism indeed a destructive import, or a necessary adn liberating new way of seeing, behaving and believing?

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The definition of 'Feminism' in the Collins Gem English Dictionary states, "Advocacy of equal rights for women". Feminism might be a Western import, but equal rights are surely beneficial to all parties and in no way destructive. The destruction occurs when people are treated unfairly and jealousy is felt within a family or within a community.

Tamba does not have a good relationship with her brother, Nhamo. She cannot be blamed, however, for these feelings of animosity. Nhamo is given opportunities that she longs for but is denied due to her sex. Even after she is sent to the mission she has to prove her competency far more then her brother ever had to, and merely because she is female.

Nyasha works exceptionally hard to try to prove her worth to her father, Babamukuru. They have an extremely volatile relationship. She is intensely frustrated by the limits and constraints that Babamukuru has tried to set for her.

There is an incident when he removes a book of hers, noticing its disappearance she questions its whereabouts. Even though he did actually take it she is reprimanded for questioning him and is punished. Babamukuru tries desperately to mould his daughter into the traditionally quiet, submissive African woman that he believes would make the perfect wife and mother - the only purpose a woman has, again merely a belief of his.

When she is standing outside talking to a male friend after a party Babmukuru becomes extremely angry and an explosive argument commences. Hitting her, she resorts back to the little girl she really is but can never show because this little girl could be too easily shaped into the meek little woman that he so strongly desires her to be. His anger at her disobedience is evident when he...