What is Judaism? A short essay on the fundementals of the Jewish religion.

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How can you tell if one is Jewish? Jews live in many countries. They speak different languages and may be of any color. There is much controversy over conversion into the Jewish religion, but it is commonly performed. Anyone can become a Jew who believes in the Jewish religion, and obeys its laws and traditions according to the religious authorities. The majority of Jews were born into the religion. If your mother is Jewess, a female Jew, it is likely that you will be considered a part of your Jewish community. Jewish history began over four thousand years ago in the Middle East and continues to be a powerful force in current society.

What are the basic beliefs of the Jewish religion? The Jewish religion is monotheistic. They believe that there is one God. Jews also believe they have a special duty to make God's holy teachings known to all people.

This can be shown in the way Jewish individuals live their lives. The Jewish people do not believe in Christ's divinity. They believe there will be a Messiah in the future, who will unite all people under God's command, bringing everlasting peace. The Jewish messiah is thought of to come in human form, unlike Jesus Christ. In Judaism, no one comes between God and his creatures.

Redemption is only possible through good deeds. This can explain the reasoning behind how much charity is given through the Jewish community. Many people carry the stereotype that all Jews are wealthy. This is not always accurate. The Jewish community is secure, because it takes care of it's fellow members. Therefore it is incorrect to think that Jewish people are rich. An example can be found in early Russian history. Many Russian jews during Roman rule were not rich,