Prolife Abortion Essay.

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Abortion is murder carried out by the mother. Women have many other alternatives besides abortion, but if the mother chooses to have one than she is killing her own child. Furthermore, a woman's body can be critically harmed by abortions. Moreover, when women have abortions, they abolish G-d's creations.

Women show a lack of responsibility by receiving an abortion because they have other options. Most women decide to have an abortion because they would not be able to financially support the child. Since the woman had the baby, it is now her duty to provide care for the child. However, if the woman is unable to fulfill this task, she can give the child up for adoption. The healthiest way of adoption is an open adoption ( Open adoption is when the adopted child has the ability of developing a one-on-one relationship with his or her birth family. When mothers offer their children for an adoption, they can benefit themselves and other people.

The mother wins, knowing that she made the right choice. Since the child has the chance to live, he or she also wins. In addition, a caring and loving couple wins by satisfying their dream of raising a child. When a mother gives her child up for an adoption, she is showing that she wants her child to have a life and future that she cannot offer for her child. Women should have control over what they do, because there can be major consequences.

Abortions may jeopardize a woman's body. Abortions are the reason why most women cannot have future children. Women can even die from abortions because of the dangerous procedure it involves ( There are many methods of carrying out an abortion, one is called the suction. This procedure begins when the abortionist paralyzes the...