1. What impact did the slave system have on the condition of poor whites in the South?

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1. What impact did the slave system have on the condition of poor whites in the South?

There are about thirty to fifty percent of southern white people are landless who have a little hope to improve their poor living condition. Among the poor, most of them were either framers or slave. In addition, they enable the permanent stable workforce not only in agriculture but also in other fields. At that time, the connection between black slaves and the poor whites were so complicated. The white people usually work close to black slaves in the working environment; moreover, the white people were also socially and sexually intimate with the enslaved. In addition, white slaves need to provide their own services during that time, therefore, the owner had to prohibit their escape in order to help other slaves to escape. In addition, there are lots of violent white people who have some radical problems to the black slaves for the reason that those black slaves always have a better living environment, better dressed, and more healthier lives than the white people themselves.

On the other hand, most of the poor white people were being named as ¡§ third class of white people¡¨ was served in order to distort the radical distinction between the independent whites and the supposedly inferior. Since they need to depend on the black people on the system of slavery rested, the poor white people create a substantial problem to the slave system at that time.

Since there are many hills and mountains in the southern part, the transportation become a lot more difficult especially for the farmers to transport their crops. In addition, due to the bad climate, it is quite cool at the mountains in the southern part compare to the lowlands. For this...