1919 World Series, Chicago Blacksox Scandal.

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Darrell White

Dr. Eubanks

Writing II

February 18, 2003

White Sox are not clean

It all started in 1919 the Chicago White Sox had the best record in baseball. The White Sox players were the cream of the crop. The team was on the verge of winning the World Series. This fairytale didn't end with the White Sox winning the World Series, it ended in embarrassment and disaster for the players and the organization.

The 1919 Chicago White Sox were the dominant team in the American League. The players were the cream of the crop, but paid as if they were bottom of the barrel scrubs. "The White Sox were, to put it simply, the best team money could buy."(par. 2) The owner, Charles Comiskey, was able to get away with paying low salaries because of the "reserve clause" in players' contracts. This clause prevented players from changing teams without the permission of the owners.

"The players on Charles Comiskey's 1919 Chicago White Sox team had plenty to complain about."(par. 1) Comiskey promised his players large bonuses but never came through with the money. It was only a matter of time before the players started playing for themselves rather than the team. That time came during the 1919 World Series when the White Sox played the Cincinnati Reds.

The mastermind of the plot to fix the World Series was Chick Gandil the first baseman. On September 18, the fix was on. Mr. Chick Gandil and Joseph Sullivan agreed that Mr. Gandil would lose the World Series intentionally for $80,000, which was later changed to $100,000.

This was not a task Mr. Gandil could achieve himself. He recruited pitcher Eddie Cicotte who Comiskey promised $10,000 if he won 30 games but was benched after he achieved 29 victories. Mr. Cicotte went...