Downward Mobility as a Societal Issue

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There are only three positions left in today's society: upward, downward, and stagnant. There are many things a person can do in order to eliminate themselves from being a victim of downward mobility. But first they must recognize their own shifts in class and then 7 be able to act on them with the tools, we as a society, have provided them with. America is on the brink of a permanent disaster and we must help our less fortunate now.

As one moves from one class to another there are a number of changes that take place. Some can be large and some can be small. Changes lay the foundation for which type of person will belong to a certain social level. Sometimes a change occurs and one might be entering a catastrophe or just had a burden lifted off their shoulders. Either way, the idea that you as a person of this society are always moving on the ladder of success can ultimately lead to bad decisions.

Karl Marx would argue "capitalism inevitably leads to all bad decisions. The more often you examine your situation, the more likely you are to improve your personal gain and step on the toes of someone else. I believe that the relationships constructed in a hierarchy are inverse and as a result it is very difficult to gain without loss. When these moments arise, one must be prepared to fluctuate their behavior accordingly. With anticipation, you will be successfully empowered for your upward march in civilization rather than remain stagnate.

Poor people are always discriminated against, thus making it extremely difficult to obtain opportunity to pull themselves out of the grasps of poverty. However, their opportunity can be deadened or set a blaze. The more social programs and tax payers money we...