Dave Barry And Cynthia Rylant

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Dave Barry and Cynthia Rylant have very different approaches although they deal with the same topic. This essay is going to compare and contrast the writing style of Barry and Rylant. In the first paragraph it will compare Barry and Rylant's writing style and their stereotypes. Then it will explain the contract on techniques and how each of them differs from on another.

One of the differences is the stereotype they use. Because, the two stories are from different point of views the stereotypes are going to be different. Here are some stereotypes from a girl's point of view; sensitive, emotional, open with true feelings, over dramatic, and they tend to wait around. Now here are some stereotypes from a guys point of view, immature, exaggerate on things, id emotions, and make situations lighter then it really is. As you can see the girls tend to be more open with everything.

These are some comparisons to guys and girls stereotypes.

The difference in techniques is very different in Barry's story to Rylants. The way Barry went at writing the story is with it being humorous and kind of like an advice column scenario. Plus he uses a lot of sarcasum in his story. The fairly serious, emotional, and no names were given in the story about the bag boy and girl with red hair. These are some differences in Barry's and Rylants stories.

In this paper it explained the difference in Barry and Rylant's writing styles on the same topic. The first paragraph it explained the comparisons of each of the writing stiles. The in the second paragraph it explained the techniques of this writing.