"1984" by George Orwell.

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1984 - Essay

By :Hussein Gillani

George Orwell's novel 1984 is a book that is based around a political game. This game is controlled by a very typical totalitarian government, which like most totalitarian governments, is attempting to take over the world. This government is very similar to that of Hitler and his Nazi's in Germany. This government is known as Big Brother. Big Brother does not allow people to think for themselves. By limiting one's vocabulary it becomes tougher to express ones feelings and therefore becomes more vulnerable to Big Brother. One is forced to agree to phrases such as "War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength." If the party would like two plus two to equal five then that is what it will equal. Big Brother ensures that all rules will be followed by using telescreens. One is always being watched.

In Oceania privacy does not exist. In this large political game, Big Brother plays many little games with the outer party. Games like thought crime, torture and how instead of a quick arrest more games are played.

A thought-crime is to think in a non-complacent way. Winston committed numerous thought-crimes. For example writing in his diary, trying to remember the past and his hatred for Big Brother. The thought-police will arrest anyone at sight who has done any of these types of things. Big Brother uses thought crimes to play games. He brainwashes the people and those who do not fall for the propaganda are the one's who commit the crimes. They are eventually caught and taught to love Big Brother. This is all a game that helps to eliminate all of those who oppose Big Brother.

The least anticipated game played by Big Brother is torture.