1st Amendment

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Persuasive Essay The 10 Amendments are the essential privileges in which were given to us as American citizens from the founding forefathers the United States. Each amendment holds a certain altitude of significance that defends our freedom as human beings. Out of these 10 articles, I would have to say that the 1st Amendment, which was fashioned to give us "Religious and Political Freedom," is infact the most esteemed and essential document that we carry and uphold. What is it, exactly, that the first amendment allows us? How is this article so significant to our lives as Americans? These questions as well as others I will attempt to answer as thoroughly as I am capable.

The 1st amendment goes beyond giving us the freedom to think and believe what we desire, but also to voice those opinions and beliefs if we choose to do so. I know that when I reflect on what it is the Amendments are, the right to free speech and press as well as religion all come to mind.

These rights and quite a few others come purely from the 1st Amendment. This gives Americans the fundamental right to be our own person- to be individuals. Free will is key in constructing a sturdy and successful person, especially when you are dealing with millions of people who need to work together as a great nation.

For many, religion is what gives people hope and a sense of choice in their life. It helps humans decide who or what to model their life after, as well as what moral and ethical decisions to consider. Because religion and overall spirituality defines many people's characters, the right to choose what religion we pursue is imperative. Before America was shaped as free nation, many countries would embrace...