The 2004 Federal Budget Report

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The 2004 Federal Budget Report

The liberal government under Paul Martin released its 2004 federal budget. The budget attempted to cover all needs and necessities of Canadian equally, in terms of importance and availability. As with the presentation of any federal budget of the past decade there are areas to be criticised and areas to be praised. There have been some noticeable improvements in: health care, education, the environment, defence, and debt reduction. It is in general impassible for a budget to fit in with the priorities of all people. Citizens are extremely quick to judge federal budgets negatively but when asked a more suitable solution, ideas are few.

The new federal budget increased spending for health care by 2 billion for provinces and territories as well as $665 million in this year for public health emergencies. Some argue that this dedication is too large a sum and some argue it is too little, one can never truly judge the effect of spending until they see the result of it.

Also a larger sum of money given to health care has also been labelled as simply a reparation for the previous year. For many years and to this day Canada's health care system ranked far higher than many other countries. Although many groups argue that health coverage is not detrimental if waiting hours can stretch to the unreasonable times of seven to eight hours. Interest groups believe that a larger portion of health car spending should be diverted to training more medical staff but if so where should said money be taken from? equipment? Ambulances?. The current Health Care system has many very positive sides. If it were not for Medicare who knows the amount of suffrage Canadians would have to endure at the cost of medical insurance costs.