In the 21st century society, the human race has become its own greatest enemy.

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A century ago, individuals faced a change in societal values, technology, and an

outbreak of rebellions and wars. A century ago, there was a lack of awareness of

the outside world, and constant conflict between change and lack thereof. A

century ago, social, technological and humanitarian issues were swept under the

carpet because individuals were not aware of their problems, did not know how to

solve these issues, or even worse, did not want to resolve them.

Now, in the 21st century, the human race faces yet another challenge. The

constant upheavals of societal values and technology have made individuals

uncertain of who they are, where they stand in society and what the reality of

their situation actually is. Now, they face the constant conflict between change

and too much change. Individuals in the 21st century society face great

difficulties in resolving issues of change because of political point-gaining,

social controversy and the incessant manipulation of ?truth?.

The problems of the 21st century are of momentous proportion unforseen by any

other generation of the human race. Terrorism, famine, poverty, wars, AIDS,

refugees, crime and drugs are only some of the many issues that society can no

longer sweep under the carpet.

Free press is the only way that atrocities against humanity can be voiced, heard

and addressed. For centuries, governments have manipulated the truth to suit

their wants and needs, and their wants and needs only. Although times, values

and beliefs have changed, the manipulation of truth hasn?t. The presence of free

press acts as a watchdog for those daring to abuse their power and authority.

Without free press, the oppression of rights by the Taliban and other such

regimes would go past unheard by an otherwise deaf society. Without free press,

the crimes committed by the Chinese government...