"465" By Emily dickenson.

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Livings only have basic notion of death, they were not made to be

able to understand her subtleness, they were not made to appreciate what to appreciate what they can not understand and accept their faith as a fatality. This fear of the unknown usually leads them to a madness depicting the most vile aspects of their beings ,the unreachable step for their mind to cross and understand the mechanics of this simple processus can not be taken as they are so tightly attached to life that any major or minor natural changes will afraid them. This step is also taken in this poem as it's author not only fully accepts her death but manages to express a complicated feeling of curiosity transporting the poem not to this ''fall'' marking the end to this life but to greater heights filled with cold analytical observations.

In the poem "465" the author Emily Dickenson (reputed for her lugubrious eccentricities) offers a short but nonetheless vivid image of death.

She describes with an incredible taste for details a dark but incredibly realistic painting of her own last moments, as death is slowly and coldly penetrating her lungs and sweeping her from her last breath.

''I heard a fly buzz when i died'' we can here notice an impression of assonance as the words : I, fly ,when i, died depict the repetition of these comfortable vowels, offering a soft flow calming the effect these separate words had on the readers mind.

The strangeness of the poem manifests himself in the very first lines, as if it was a warning shot for the reader, somehow announcing the obscure nature of what was to follow. The author -although present , as she is relating her personnel story to the reader- claims that death...