5 Stags of Grief

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Grief is an emotion in which you feel deep sorrow caused by the death of a loved one, a traumatic experience, or simply a heartbreak. Grief is a normal process although; it can be extremely painful and puzzling to the individual it is occurring to. Everyone around the world will have or has experienced an event that'll make them go through the stages of grief. According to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross there are five stages of grief, which were introduced in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying.

Your emotions are all over the place right now. You can't believe it is happening, you don't want it to be true. Most likely, you're in your first stage- Denial. Denial is the condition in which a person refuses to acknowledge reality or the facts that they were brought forth to. These types of news are usually shocking and hard to believe and difficult to process.

It is extremely normal for a person not to rationalize with what is going on. They are in disbelief, so they start to block everyone and everything surrounding them, even their loved ones. They will view the world as something insignificant, overwhelming, and cruel. Their life makes no sense at this point, so they start to feel numbness all over their body. They become trapped in this stage and they start thinking, "This can't be happening to me" or, "You are wrong, there must be some mistake!" I n reality they don't want to acknowledge the truth. Denial is eventually replaced with awareness of the situation and the individuals that will be left behind after their death.

Anger has to be the most challenging and hardest stage that anyone has to go through but it is essential to make one feel better. It is the emotion...