7 pages on the use of Psychological Operations in the current Afghanistan situation (current as of Jan-Jul 02). I was writing to view my grasp on the subject after reading a related book.

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PSYOPS Response Paper

War on Terrorism - the Ongoing Case Study of PSYOPS in Afghanistan

Just as America utilizes Psychological Operations to influence the actions of their enemies and the civilians inhabiting the nearby villages, so too does the Terrorist. Although this is the case, the United States still has not emplaced a single modus operandi to engage in Psychological Operations with its enemies. What America has done is too analyze the use of PSYOPS throughout history by both friendly and enemy forces to gain a better understanding of what works, and with what audience. As any American soldier can attest to, the use of PSYOPS helps achieve both political and military victories when correctly analyzed and administrated (Goldstein 9-14). Today, this very topic is instrumental in America's 'War on Terrorism' that began immediately following the September 11th attacks.

Reverting back to the great success of both dropping leaflets and openly broadcasting their intentions during the Gulf War, America has already begun a full-fledged PSYOPS assault on the people of Afghanistan.

In the 21st century lexicon of war, PSYOPS tends to fall under the banner of "Information Warfare". Of course, Information Warfare covers everything from unseen attacks on an enemy's computers, and sophisticated disinformation, to the most basic techniques of propaganda--public relations and advertising. Information Warfare as related to America's most recent PSYOPS venture began with the Allies televised assembly of a vast armada of firepower around Afghanistan, as images of American special forces units are flashed across the screen with the 'ticker' explaining how many troops will be sent, and how many are already there. Western leaders are simultaneously employing threatening rhetoric to warn the Taliban what is coming--thus utilizing CNN and other world news networks to broadcast the seriousness of the American resolve. This is just the first...