Mideast Struggle For Peace

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Mideast Struggles For Peace By: anonymous World peace. Dreamt by the entire world. Well then why is it so hard to accomplish? Perhaps, the solution is too difficult to foresee. This is currently shown in the Middle East conflict, a battle for land and rights, which could potentially lead to a terrible national war. Te conflict has resulted from land as well as a cultural battle between the Palestinians and Israelis. A solution is yet to be found.

The history of this dispute can be traced to the Zionist movement in the late 19th century, colonizing a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Years before World War I, Zionists established many colonies in Palestine, the population consisting largely of Arabs and Muslims. Jews were scattered all over the world at this time and they began to move to Palestine. Arab leaders were not happy about this, and wanted Jewish immigration and land that was being taken over to stop.

After World War I Palestine was in British hands. In 1917, the Balfour Declaration endorsed a Jewish homeland in Palestine, however these efforts were stopped before World War II because the British needed Arab support for the war. Arabs didn't like the idea of the Jewish homeland; so when it was put aside, the Arabs were pleased.

After the World War, the Holocaust survivors migrated toward Palestine to revise the homeland petition. The petition was revised, this time in the United Nations. In 1947, United Nations voted to end British Mandate by May 15, 1948 and to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, with Jerusalem as its main city. The response to the partition, of the surrounding neighbours was very negative.

The tragic occurring is presently horrible for both sides of the country. Over a period of a month, going all the...