Russia Vs Middle East

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The Mongols over a short period conquered many civilizations and was on their way to being a world power. They were ferocious warriors and people would have too options surrender or die. Dead or alive the Mongols took over your village, and perhaps burned your house. The Mongols had a very powerful, organized and highly mobile. Although the civilizations that they took rule over such as Russia and the Middle East shared many similarities they also showed some differences in their political, economic, and social structure.

For starters they established rule in Russia in 1225 and established rule in the Middle East in 1260. In Russia they used different tactics to establish rule such as increasing benefits to the Russian Orthodox Church, although they never imposed religion on anyone they ruled. Alexander Nevskii also persuaded them to submit to Mongol rule. On the other hand they established rule in the Middle East by tribute.

They also shared more similarities then differences in their economic structure. Russia and the Middle East both tried introducing paper money, which they failed at. This caused high tax in the Middle East along with the fact that they sold the right to collect taxes to the highest bidder and they were to set the amount they were to collect. But in Russia the princes would collect the tax, therefore making it lower than the Middle East. Russia also suffered from effect of the Bubonic plague and the Middle East did not feel the effects.

Cultural structure on the other hand was in similar in very minute ways if any. In Russia there was more artistic trends, and they also developed the written language of Russian. This did not appear in the Middle East. The Middle East focused more on the sciences such as astronomy...