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Aborigines should have access to their ancestral lands.

Indigenous Australian should be able to visit, use or in some cases inhabit the land which belonged to their forebears. They were the first inhabitants of these lands and therefore they have the right to access them.

History has it that the original inhabitants of Australia were the aborigines. They should have the right just as we do to be allowed to visit their ancestral lands. The aborigines have inhabited Australia for more that forty thousand years.

All of their culture, sprits and beliefs are connected with Australia. There dream time stories talk about the natural features, beauties and animals in Australia. They should be allowed to follow and practise the way of their forebears. So they are able to pass their beliefs to the next generation.

Some people argue that aborigines should not have their land because they lost their entitlements when Australia was colonized by white people.

However this denies the rights, obligations and natural justice of humans. No one can come to your land and claim it and use the excuse,

"You have lost the entitlement of this land therefore it no longer belongs to you."

Aboriginal people would benefit enormously from reconnecting with their own land and cultures. Their historical, cultural and spiritual connections would be restored and returned to them as they once were.