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Brynn Walton

Period 2

Aborigines Paper/ Mrs. Nye

January 15, 2014

"Stolen Generation"

"It was winter 1957, 7:00 AM. The sun was up and the sounds of birds drifted down into our small kitchen. We were going to eat breakfast and then get dressed for school. A routine daily in the Simon household. Someone rapped loudly at the door. Three men entered the room. My mom screamed and sobbed hysterically but the men took no notice, and forced me and my brothers into a car. My mother ran out onto the road, fell on her knees and started hammering her fist into the road. We looked back as the car drove off; tears were streaming down her face. Simon was ten years old when he was taken and remained there until he was 17. The abuse he suffered resulted in him taking drugs and drinking alcohol." (Simon). For more than 60 years young kids called half castes were taken from their home and placed into camps like concentration camps.

Many of these young kids were being sexually abused in the camps. Therefore the Australian government should pay reparation for the pain they have caused on the Aborigines; just saying sorry is not enough. When the half caste kids were taken from their home and sexually abused it lead to substance abuse which then caused mental health problems.

Child sexual abuse is one of the biggest effects that the Australians put on the Aboriginal people.10% of the children that were put into institutions were sexually abused. (Abuse in institutions and missions.) Between the age of 15 and 16 the children were moved out of the institutions and into a white family, where they became servants for the whites. Twenty percent of them that were sent to work for white...