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"The Industrial Revolution took place between the years 1750 to 1830. It was a time when technology had gotten bigger and had taken over people jobs. As a result of this people of Britain began to be unemployed. Without money to buy food for themselves or their families the crime rates increased by people stealing food and money" and as the time the government had made up many other punishable felonies from as little as stealing fish from the pond. "This led to a lot of over crowded prisons. America declared them independent from Britain in 1776 as then they decided not to accept any more convicts from Britain." "Fraunfelder etal, 2001:106"

"In 1768 the King George III had sent Captain James Cook to the land called New Holland to make part of Britain, if Cook found the place deserted he would have taken Possession. However it was already taken over by the natives also known as aboriginals and so Cook had been instructed to make an alliance with them.

The first fleet was made up of 10 ten ships and a HMS supply following the Captain Arthur Phillip who firstly stopped in Botany Bay on the 18th of January 1788 but as there was no fresh water and the soil wasn't a good value to grow crops he continued the journey and ended up dropping the anchor in Sydney on the Sunday 26 January 1788." "Fraunfelder etal, 2001:98"

Some groups were in favour of setting a penal colony in Australia for the reason of wanting the overcrowding in Britain and also wanting to have world power, also were not in favour of setting up a penal colony in Australia because they thought it would be hard work and a it will take along time to get there.

"Fraunfelder etal,