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Many of you who support abortion say 'the baby cannot feel any pain', or 'it's not even alive yet'.

On the contrary, the fetus is very much alive. The definition of 'alive' is: to survive, feed, and to exist in one's environment. You tell me if that describes the fetus or not.

At six weeks of development in the womb, the fetus has grown a brain, and if functions normally. And it is officially alive, as it feeds through the umbilical cord, and it does exist in it's environment. It too is just like us, from its 10 finger, 10 toes, 2 arms and 2 legs.

At eight weeks, the heart begins to beat on it's own, and the fetus is very alert, as it can look at things, and hold them, for example, if you were to put a small pen by its hand, it will grab hold of it and not let go.

He can also swim freely in the fluid in the womb, with a natural swimmer's stroke.

After eleven weeks, all it's organs are present and functioning. He is extremely sensitive to pain, and noise, as it will seek a position of comfort when disturbed. Does all this sound like it 'cannot feel pain', or 'isn't alive yet'? I don' think so.

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy, before the fetus is capable of independent life. Though, it cannot live independently, the fetus is alive, and termination of this pregnancy is in other words, murder.

There are three types of aborting the fetus, as you've heard them. Does sucking out a child with a large vacuum, sound humane, and painless. What if you're doctor has made a mistake, and the pregnancy is in a latter stage then you were lead to believe. It is possible that this vacuum will not suck out this baby, but it can suck out just an arm, or leg. So, first of all, your baby is still alive, and missing a limb.

A study done in the New England Journal of Medicine, surveyed 11 057 pregnancies, 752 of these had a previous abortion, but this time they chose to got through with it. It was reported that these 752 women had more of a chance of not having complications with their deliveries, including low birth wieght, learning disabilities, and removal of the placenta, rendering the woman incapable of having a child. In those pregnancies, the risk of miscarriage, increased 75%.

Another study surveyed 6 015 women under going an abortion. 10% of these reported ill effects to the procedure, and 2% of those were reported as serious, including high fever, further surgery, and a few died.

We can debate about if the fetus can feel pain until the cows come home. We will not twist the truth, but you will hear the facts, you must form your own opinion, and as you know we are very much against it.

Abortion may be legal in the books, and by law, but the question is not weather or not it should be legal, as much as is it right?