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Are you worried about becoming a teen mother? One way to avoid this is not to become one at all, by getting an abortion.

Abortion is the ending of pregnancy before birth. An Abortion results in the death of a fetus or embryo. An abortion may be spontaneous or induced. A spontaneous abortion is commonly known as a miscarriage. Self-induced abortions can be preformed as an operation, by a doctor in a hospital, personnel in a clinic, or in a very dangerous way, by a woman on herself. For years women have been throwing themselves down stairs and using other absurd ways to abort children all because abortion is outlawed. Abortion has been widely known, practiced and debated since the beginning of time. Women have made particular types of brews and have used other strange unusual ways to have

an abortion.(Franke 18) Now in our modern world of science and technology, you can have an abortion done in less then a half hour.

Should a woman have the right to a safe medical abortion? I believe that a woman should be allowed to have an abortion. When there are sanitary, qualified, people and circumstances, when safety is a guaranteed factor why should you not be allowed? As long as the operation is performed legally, and in the appropriate place there should be no problem. A woman should be allowed to make a decision on whether she can provide for a child and give the child a life of quality or have an abortion. And this should be an option for a woman or girl in these circumstances. If a woman has been raped, the child will have severe mental or physical illness, or the child will not have a good life, I think these are

very good reasons for the...