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What is the difference between murdering a 2 year old child and an unborn baby? Nothing. It is murder no matter how people view the issue. Abortion is a murder that most people do not consider as a crime. Defenseless, innocent, and helpless unborn babies are not given the chance at life. Abortion is an act that tortures the fetus by disintegrating their body while the head is compressed together between two metal clamps until they are no more. Abortion should be looked at as a crime, and the law of abortion should be enforced.

Abortion is a murder just like any other. When two people are intimate, they should have a mindset that possibilities of pregnancy can occur. There is no form of birth control or contraception that is 100%. If a person does not want a child they should practice abstinence. There are many families who can not have children.

Unwanted pregnancies should be the answers to those families by adopting or helping them to become surrogate parents. How can people live with themselves after the evil that they have committed?

Termination of pregnancy should only be treated as murder in self-defense only if the mother is threatened with signs of danger that can hinder her and her unborn child. Or, if the woman was raped or incest was involved and became pregnant, she should have the option. Most women have abortions for selfish reasons such as, they are not ready to be a mother, they dislike the father, they are too young or old, they are not financially stable, and many more selfish reasons. That is not an excuse to take a life of a child because of a situation that could have been avoided. If a woman has an abortion because she is not financially...