Abortion: Choice Vs. Murder, an argumentative paper

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Abortion: Choice Vs. Murder

Is it a right to have children or is it a privilege? Does every women have the right to chose to have a child or to have an abortion?

Having an abortion can only be decide by women, due to the fact, that the abortion has a lifelong changing effect that is irreversible. No other person has the right to choose for her. She is the individual, who will under go all the transformations that pregnancy has in store.

Therefore, the choice she makes can only be hers. An unwanted pregnancy can be very difficult for women; especially if the pregnancy was unplanned for, or if she had not taken the proper precautions to ensure a pregnancy

would not occur. The worst-case scenario of an pregnancy leading into an abortion, would be if it were a product of a violent crime, such as rape or incest.

Why should women be made to care for children that were not intentionally wanted or planned for in their future? How can we expect women to expose themselves to a life-threatening encounter caused by the

fetus? (Thomson par. 11)

How can we grant a fetus the right to live without taking away the woman's right to decide whether or not to carry the fetus to term? The fetus, according to United Kingdom researchers, is unable to feel pain until the 27th week of gestation; therefore, not considered a person. At that time, the fetus is not a baby but a "birth product" or

non-descript mass of tissue. This makes the abortion safe in the first 12 weeks of gestation, because there is no "baby."

Unwanted pregnancies turn into unwanted, abused, or neglected children. Why continue to overload society's public assistants programs, such as foster care, that are already fragile and...