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What is Abortion?

Is abortion murder, or just the right of the mother? That is one of the main questions in the whole abortion conflict. Abortion is when a doctor kills an embryo when it is still inside the mother, and can be summed up as "the knowing destruction of the life of an unborn child." (Mass General Laws Chapter 112 Section 12K). In this age, Australia and society in general has deemed this act to be acceptable.

All babies have a right to live, whether they are a result of a loving relationship, or a rape. Two wrongs don't make a right. Rape is a crime, and so is abortion. Abortion is morally and ethically wrong. Who are we to try and determine whether a baby should live or not? We have no right at all. All babies, when born, have a special purpose and should not be terminated because of some selfish or irresponsible act of its parents.

Who opposes it and why? Who promotes it and why?

There are two main views on abortion, "pro-life" and "pro-choice"

"Pro-life" supporters believe that from the time of conception, the foetus is alive, and their definition of Abortion is the taking of a life; the unborn child is human. They believe that the foetus deserves to live, and to kill it would be murder. Simon Hopper quotes "No child deserves to die just because the mother was too irresponsible to have sex and not want to be responsible for the baby if she was to get pregnant." (Simon Hopper, Abortion, Crisis Pg 39)In addition, Mothers who choose to the decision to abort, do not picture the consequences of their decision, as Richard Hayes states "After the mother has decided to abort her beautiful, innocent child she is also ending the...