Abortion: Pro-Choice!

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Should Women Have the Right to have an Abortion?

America is a nation built upon freedom. From the preamble of the Constitution to the Bill of Rights, Americans believe in the right to make their own choices. This should be true in every aspect of life. Abortion is the term used when a pregnancy is terminated. There are two controversial sides to the subject: pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice supports the fact that women should have the right to have an abortion.

Feminists acknowledge the fact that women have abortions for a variety of reasons (Sherwin and Minas 411). An unwanted or unexpected pregnancy will usually greatly interfere with a woman's life. Her future will be forever changed, due to one little mistake. She may not be able to continue with her education or job. Some women are not financially stable to raise a child, and have no other means to be able to support that child.

Therefore, a woman's choice should be that of her own as well as her private business.

Abortion is constitutional as stated in the 4th Amendment of United Stated Bill of Rights. It grants every American the right to privacy. According to Richard Carrier, when dealing with abortion, the 4th Amendment provides the opportunity and choice for a woman to do what she wishes with her body. If women were denied the right to an abortion, the procedure would still be done. This process would not only be illegal, but potentially unsafe and harmful to the woman. For poor women, it would be even more difficult to obtain an abortion.

In the matter of abortion, a woman's health is the most important issue. In instances where the mother's life is threatened, abortion may be the only option to save her life. If history were to...