Is abortion really morally wrong?

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Is abortion really morally wrong? Can the fetus be considered a human life? I feel that abortion is not wrong. It should be a womans` right to choose. I do not feel it is right after the first trimester but before then the fetus is still merely a sack of embryonic fluid, nerves and stem cells. It is not until after the first trimester the fluid, nerves and stem cell start forming into a human life. I do not feel that abortion is murder or is morally wrong. It is the woman's right to choose.

During the first trimester the sac in the uterus is only that. It is sack full of cells, fluid and

nerves. It is not like you are taking a human life at this point. After the first trimester is when all of the organs and such start to develop and the baby even starts to resemble a human body.

That is why there are laws that protect the fetus after the first trimester. After that point a woman can not electively choose to abort unless there are serious and life threatening medical conditions affecting the mother or child. On the other hand, I do not agree with live abortions. They are now illegal but are probably still being performed somewhere. These are the type of abortions where the fetus is a functioning human life. The baby is viable when it is born and the doctor has to sever the nerve ending in the cerebral area of the brain. Obviously, that is completely wrong and would be considered murder. There is a big difference between that and aborting an eight week old fetus. An 8 week old fetus is not breathing and does not cry when it comes out. Basically if the baby...