Abortion should be made illegal

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Abortion should be made illegal. Abortion is murder, it is the killing of an unborn baby. In today's society, regular people are not allowed to go out and just murder someone for no reason, so why should doctors be allowed to murder unborn babies? 'Abortion is not merely the removal of some tissue from a woman's body....Abortion is the destruction of an unborn baby.' (O'Connor 93) According to John C. Willke, president of the National Right to Life Committee, 'At the union of sperm and ovum there exists a living, single-celled, complete human being.' Therefore, according to what John C. Willke says, abortion at ANY stage of pregnancy is the immoral taking of human life and should be illegal. 'The bible makes it clear that to God the unborn child developing inside the womb is far more than mere fetal tissue. He inspired King David to write: 'Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing.'

(Young 25-27) The bible (Exodus 21:22, 23) has clearly stated that a person would be held accountable for hurting an unborn baby. (Young 25-27) Take this for example; Say a woman is walking down the street carrying a child in her arms. Another woman is walking down that same street carrying a child, only this woman is carrying the child in her. Both children are dependent on their mothers, both just dependent in different ways. (Schwarz 35) Take another example 'Suppose a woman suffers a miscarriage, A sympathetic doctor will not tell her, 'You have lost your fetus'; he will say; 'You have lost your child'.' (Schwarz 35) If an abortion is picked the term 'fetus' is used as a cold scientific 'neutral' word which switches the persons mind from reality, and also...