Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was born in February 12, 1809. He was born in Nolan creek where now is Hoodgenville, Kentucky. Abraham had a sister named Sarah who was two years older than him. His dad's name was Thomas Lincoln who was a carpenter. His mother's name was Nancy Hanks, little is known about her only she came from a poor family from Virginia. Abraham had a younger brother, which died in infancy. Abraham was raised to work on a farm. He attended some schools (less than a year al-together). He learned how to read, write, and code, but that was all.

Later on, in 1818, his mother passed away and the following year his father married a Kentucky widow, Sarah Widow, who in Abraham's words "was a good and kind mother". In 1830, Abraham left India and moved on to Illinois.

Abraham first job was in 1828; he was 19 years old at the time.

A local merchant James Gentry hired him; his job was to take cargo in a flatboat down the Mississippi River to New Orleans. After a month from Kentucky to Illinois, Lincoln made another trip to New Orleans. There he was hired by a Kentucky trader and spectral. His job was to build a flatboat and take it down the Mississippi River with a load of cargo. According to the ledgen Lincoln saw his first slave auction in New Orleans. Then he said. "If I ever get a chance to hit that thing, I'll hit it hard." In 1832, Lincoln ran for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives. A month after this, Otfutts general store went bankrupt and left Lincoln without a job. He later becomes a volunteer to put down a rebellion of the Native American Fox peoples led by Chief Hawk. When he...