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Those who are going into the teaching profession are considered to be preprofessionals. As preprofessionals there are twelve accomplished practices we must show full competency in. Those practices are assessment, communication, continuous improvement, critical thinking, diversity, ethics, human development, knowledge of subject matter, learning environments, planning, role of the teacher, and last but not least technology. Mastering these twelve practices make us into the teachers we want to be. There are a few practices that to me are the most important in our early learning stages.

As preprofessionals we must gather information from as many different sources as we can. We must then assess if the information can be used in our classrooms and as well as in the professional environment of the school. Can we take the resources that we find and do an assessment on our students? Yes!! We are to use the resources that are available to us and develop a learning plan for our students.

Part of our job, as a teacher, is to continually assess our students as well as ourselves. Communication is a very important part of being a teacher. We must communicate to our students, parents, and other professionals. Positive feedback is essential to the learning process, it encourages the students to do better as well as building a firm foundation for learning. Establishing communication in a clear concise way helps keep the preprofessional in a learning mode. Communication is used at all times and one should always keep a clear plan for both the short and long term improvement.

We must always continue our education through many different avenues such as ethics and continuous improvement. We, as preprofessional must realize that we are not perfect and do make mistakes. No teacher is above the "law" so to speak.