An account of Stalin's rise to power in the Soviet Union in the form of a newspaper article.

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Joseph Stalin is the new undisputed leader of the USSR. Through means both underhanded and honest, Stalin gradually made his way from General Secretary to leader in just seven years. Stalin was thought to have been manipulating the memberships to suit himself and not for the good of Russia. Though popular with a substantial proportion of the people of Russia, there are some who are suspicious and untrusting of Stalin's ends. Those are the people who supported Lenin and his views on Stalin. After Lenin's death resulting from two strokes, which greatly affected his ability to retain power at the level necessary to maintain support and ward off opposition, Stalin was free to take drastic steps to gain absolute power over the Soviet Union. These steps included making sure his supporters were the majority in Congress while voting, which ultimately gave him victory over Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev. Then in 1927, these three were expelled from the party.

Defeating Trotsky, who was a former leader of the Bolshevik Party, was Stalin's most challenging task. Trotsky was popular with the Red Army and some of the Party members. Stalin's first move was to trick Trotsky into missing Lenin's funeral and allowing people to believe that Trotsky did not care and was not bothered to make an appearance. Stalin then made a flattering speech about Lenin and impertinently stated that he was his 'disciple'. This provided more support for Stalin and opposition against Trotsky, which was Stalin's intention. Trotsky was also losing favour with the older members of the Party as his views were extreme and he was not considered to be as loyal as he should have been as he was hesitant to join the Bolshevik Party and most of the Party members were associated with the Bolsheviks.

Finally, ridding the Party of Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin is now the acknowledged head of the Soviet Russia.

The question on everyone's lips is, will Joseph Stalin better Russia?

There is still concern over his leadership considering his actions in acquiring the position, but most are willing to see him prove himself.