Active Labour Market Policies

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The aim of this essay is to help the reader to understand what an active labour market policy (ALMP) is, why there is need for ALMPs and how they have been applied in Ireland.

The essay will primarily define what an ALMP is whilst in brief looking at the background to ALMPs.

Secondly the essay will identify the various programmes within the policies and…..

What are active labour market policies?

It is well noted that the Irish economy has been severely damaged since 2007 due to a recession which resulted in stern job loss and leaving a high rate of unemployment. As noted by the (ESRI 201, p.19) the Irish unemployment rate soared to 13% in 2010. The research also shows that the as a response to spikes in unemployment the OECD published 'job study' which highlighted a plan around ALMPs to reduce unemployment.

Active labour market policies (ALMPs) are introduced and imposed by the government. ALMPs are designed to place the unemployed back into a working environment. ALMPs do not only benefit the job seeker, in the long term they reduce unemployment which benefits the state and tax payer. The ALMPs in Ireland consist of re-skilling or up-skilling people through education, job schemes and funding of private sector employment. (Clarke, R. 2000)

According to Clarke the ALMPs were primarily created in Sweden in the 1940s to deal with the lack of job opportunities it was changed to tailor unemployment in the industrial market.

Clarke progresses on to state that 12% of the Irish working force participated in some form of active labour market policy and that in 1998 there were over 30 ALMP schemes running in Ireland.

Labour Market Programmes

According to Grubb, D and Martin, J,P (2001, p.6) there are five main...