Adam's relationship with Eve in "Paradise Lost"

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Adam finds a permanent visitor in his life. She, unlike him, is portrayed weaker in a physical sense but is more beautiful on the outside. She doesn't sit in on all the meetings he has with the angels, so she is not as informed as he is but she will ultimately play a role in both their downfalls from grace. This event will unite them even more in the end but will eventually, according to the bible and Milton, suffer the consequences of disobedience. They are in the center between what happens in Heaven and Hell. The relationship Adam has with Eve goes from having a pleasure mate for him before they sinned to being accomplices of sinning against God and developing a closer bond after they leave Eden. (Hughes 308-397).

In Hell, Satan and his followers have awoken to find themselves out of Heaven. Moloch, who advocates strongly war against God, Mammon, who suggests that the devils make the best of their situations, and Beelzebub, Satan's chief lieutenant and chief supporter, gather the fallen angels to form a place of their own, Pandemonium.

In this place they set up a Council in the Hell made up of five demons that will plot and scheme against God, Heaven, Adam, and Eve. The daughter of Satan, Sin and the son of Satan, Death, will watch and in due course, Jesus will transform into a man to overcome them both (211-216).

As part of the plot to destroy the paradise God has made for made, Satan will whisper in Eve's ear to ignite Eve's dream that foretells of what will happen to her and Adam. She tells Adam of her dream and both are disturbed by this. At mist this warning, Satan still manages to plot successfully in the Seduction of Eve...