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Back in the day of the Viking, how they viewed and thought of themselves, is in some ways different than how we view them today. Beowulf was one of many of these so-called Viking "heroes", and even today people view Beowulf in different ways. Some people think that he was an Ideal Germanic hero; while others think he was a "Christ figure" ;yet still others thought of Beowulf as the human condition. I feel that if you read the story carefully you will find out that Beowulf was nothing more than a fallen flawed hero. Along with Beowulf's actions, he showed nothing more than a self-centered "typical" Viking that thought of nothing more than killing anyone and anything he could to become immortal for his deeds through the poems and songs written about them. Beowulf was a flawed hero and showed it in many different ways with the way he acted and things he said.

If you look beneath the surface of Beowulf to his character you will see that he only stood for himself and himself alone.

The first, and one of the biggest problems that Beowulf shows is boastfulness, even for a Viking. One example to show how boastful Beowulf was, is when he talked about the swimming contest with Brecca. It all started after Beowulf and his men arrived at the Meadhall, in the process of trying to get permission to fight Grendel, he was questioned on how he intended to fight a monster as strong as Grendel when he could not beat a human (Brecca), and was "outstayed" in swimming contest. Beowulf did not get upset at all, he just simply replied: ...A cruel ravager dragged me down to the sea bed, a fierce monster held me tightly in its grasp... but I escaped...