The Once And Future King

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This is the story of a boy named Wart and his adventures. In the first part of the book, Wart meets his future tutor and begins his lessons. In the second part, Wart goes on many adventures as a part of his lessons. In the final part, Wart pulls the sword out of the stone. In these paragraphs I will summarize the book.

First, the story begins in Sir Ector's castle, located in the Forest Sauvage. Wart is under the care of Sir Ector and grows up with his son Kay. Wart knows that Kay will eventually be knighted and Wart will become his squire. After the boys' old teacher goes mad, it is decided that a quest should begin to find a new tutor. As Wart and Kay are hawking one day, Kay sends the hawk named Cully to fly. Cully is not in the mood to hunt and perches on a tree.

Wart follows Cully deep into the woods and gets lost. He soon comes upon King Pellinore who is after the Questing Beast. When Wart wakes up the next morning, he finds a magician named Merlyn. Merlyn lives backwards in time and has an owl named Archimedes. After catching Cully, they all head back to the castle because Merlyn says that he is the new tutor. For Wart's first lesson, Merlyn turns him into a perch, swimming in the moat. Merlyn cures a sick fish and then introduces Wart to the King of the Moat. For another lesson, Merlyn transports Wart to a place in the forest where King Pellinore and Sir Grummore Grummerson engage in a battle where no one wins. For the next lesson, Wart is turned into a Merlin and sent to live with the hunting birds. There he is challenged by...