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Why is life so unfair? I'm I the one at fault? Or shall I blame another? The twist and twirls that one experiences through life only suggest that the ride has begun. Where does it end? Is the last gasp of air the end? The inquiring minds wonder day in and night out, why does these ungrateful considerate of our emotions wander toward us. We stand together and face the unknown, though it seems like we know. Is life in script with the fault that is genetically inclined to our being? Where does the blame point too, our parents? God, for he created us! If so then when and how is will involved in our predetermined state of motive for life? These are questions that all will query about throughout life. Where are the answers to the questions that amaze our thoughts?

In the precise moment one is given life, are the drifting souls of the decease chosen and reincarnated within us? This leads me to think that in another life or say time, my life could off been one that suffers agony and astonished with where I am heading or am today.

Though, as it feels that one makes their path as they step forward in life, what happens when they retract confused in oblivious to the realm they entered. Life, ah, ah, as many would say, if I could, I would, but then once again, it doesn't hurt to accept and adapt to the changes that occur. What I call adaptation!

Hopefully it is the beginning of a verse yet to be altered by the flaws of our being. A restrictive portion of our journey is lying adrift upon the step of denial that is submerged upon one with its force of failure. Enclosed within are the prospects...