ADD vs. Short Attention Span

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A.D.D. is caused by a lack of a certain chemical in a human's brain. But could the amount of that chemical be considered a part of that person's personality? Maybe, they just have a short attention span, and they were built with it that way. Is it correct for humans to control what might not be a flaw, but just a part of the individual? A short attention span might influence schoolwork etc, but so does intelligence. A child that has difficulty writing a ten-minute speech for example, might have a hard time sticking to one subject. The child could pick the subject of courage, or politics, or a value. Some values are more important than others though. That is what L-D debate is about. L-D debate is value debating. This is different from Ted Turner debate or Public Forum debating in which two people work together to either support or crush a resolution.

Then there is CX. CX requires a lot of proof and facts. Many people dislike this, such as debate coaches at small private schools in Waco, Texas. Waco is often said to be the place of the Branch Dividian incident. Interestingly enough, this actually occurred at a different location, Waco was just the biggest recognizable city in the area. Waco is not that big at all though. A big city is Los Angeles. The city is full of culture, life, and opportunities. There are many different industries to get involved in. The movie industry, though known for being in Hollywood, is very much in Los Angeles. They also have a lot of work in music videos. Music videos have a lot of influence on all ages of people, but mostly teenagers and college age adults. They influence dance styles, clothing styles, and even our perception...