Addiction and Special Populations with APA sources

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As a Social Science major, I have learned there are three major theoretical approaches to evaluating society. There is structural functionalism (Durkeheim) , conflict (Marx) , and symbolic interaction (Cooley and Meade). The "glasses" I chose to see the world through is functional. Generally speaking, I see though glasses that show the function of all things social. After taking this course I realize that there is a functional aspect to using drugs and/or alcohol but that there is such a great deal of inequality in who becomes and addict and what type of resources are there to help them with their addiction.

I come from a working-class, white, California family. I spent twenty-three years in Northern California going to school, working, and being socialized. My worldview is based upon biblical and functional principles. I see the world as structurally sound. This does not make it good or ideal but I see with glasses that take away emotion from situations and evaluate them as they serve some purpose.

I did not finish high school and started college in my teen years. I was not exposed to the wide world of drugs, alcohol or addiction. Not that I never heard of these things but I did not get to experience them first-hand via a relative or close friend. When I learned I had a worldview, my world didn't change, but my understanding of myself, other human beings, society, and where I am in history and what that means changed enormously. I learned something very useful and important about the way I perceive things and gain knowledge; I learned about things I didn't know I knew. Understanding what a worldview is, however, can bring vital clarity, not only to what I believe, but how I believe what I believe. Understanding confirms what people...