Addressing the issue of self Esteem.

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I chose the ongoing issue about of esteem. It is an issue that affects millions of teens and even adults. The article elaborates on ways to simply improve your self esteem. It mentions that people unconsciously lower there self esteem. By recognizing that we do this we can improve our selves be reversing the thoughts that lower our self esteem. The article includes ten ways too heighten your self-esteem

Firstly do not compare yourself to other people. By doing so you may look at yourself in a negative way. Only focus on yourself and your own goals that way you can achieve them to your standards. Don't put yourself down. When you say negative comments about yourself about skills or abilities other will betray that and look at you negatively. Always look yourself in a positive way. This will make you feel better about yourself. Make it a habit of rewarding yourself when you achieve something good and remind yourself of that.

When someone gives you a compliment, accept it. Others are less likely to compliment you if you shrug of the compliment. Obviously that person is saying it for a reason. Take advantage of life coaching programs, books and workgroups. These groups will train you turn off the issues that lower your self esteem. Associate yourself with positive people, hence the saying you are who you hang out with. Negative people can be the biggest factor in low self esteem. By putting you down they subliminally will make your self esteem fall. Find things that you are good at achieve in them. Accomplishing your goals will help you to feel good about yourself. If you don't know what your good at have someone tell you; evryone has there niche. If someone is bringing you down with comments or...