Advancement in Technology: Effect on Teens and Politics

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Advancement in Technology: Effect on Teens and PoliticsIt is true that today we have the most fantastic means of communication in the history of the world. I never thought the advancement of our ability to communicate would be a problem, but after reading through this essay problem, I can definitely see just how it could be. People are finding more and more ways to communicate without actually talking face to face. If our current trend of advancement continues and we keep giving more power to the elite, this could pose as a very serious problem in the near future.

If we continue on this path like the question states, it could result in being a very dangerous threat to our countries democracy. The more power we give to the elite, the less of a factor we as people are in anything political. We won't be choosing who gets elected into office, including presidents, governors, senators, and House of Representatives to name a few.

By not choosing who gets elected, we are giving up our say in political issues that are decided by the elected. Imagine big political issues such as our economic plan, abortion, or illegal immigrants being decided by only a few people in power, or even only one person if it gets that bad. This would stop our country from even being considered a democracy. The United States would almost be considered an anarchy, or a communist ruled country if it gets to be that bad. This would be like a slap to the face of our four fathers and what our country was built on, Democracy. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington would not approve of this.

If citizens stop caring and educating themselves about politics, the government could potentially become corrupt. There have...