Essay by Benpax77A-, February 2009

download word file, 4 pages 5.0 EvaluationInternet usage has exploded over the past decade and continues to grow every day. According to Internet World Stats, global Internet usage has grown 306% since 2000, and in 2008 was an estimated 1.5 billion users (Internet Usage Statistics, n.d.). The Internet has witnessed phenomenal growth over the past decade and organizations want to capitalize on the growth opportunities that e-business present. CNN was founded as a television cable news network. Being a cable news network their target market was limited to the cable television community. Now CNN is able to expand their target market to reach a global audience through the Internet. Offering a quality website CNN will be able to strengthen their position within the marketplace. The quality of CNN's website will be evaluated through content, visual appeal, navigation, download speeds, and interactivity.

Use of the web to access news has become a commonplace in our society.

A recent "study found that nearly two thirds of the participants used online sources to get news at least some of the time" (Xu, 2008). Accurate news content is imperative to CNN's success. CNN's website content consist of the latest news stories from around the globe. CNN uses their mobilize global news team to stay ahead of the competition, by breaking the news story first. Once a news story breaks, the story is immediately upload to CNN's website. CNN offers additional news content, which is broken into sub categories including: U.S. news, politics, and crime to name a few. CNN's financial content is linked to financial databases providing instantaneous access to global financial exchanges. The content is presented in an informative way with the headline news stories presented as a headline, and the current top story with a picture to draw additional attention.

The visual appeal of CNN's website is...