advantages and disadvantages of using jargons on one's language development

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I am a silent and shy type of girl when I was a child. I remember when I was in grade one it was my mother who send me to school. I have difficulty being alone in school, i usually cry whenever my mama left, i am so dependent to her that i want her by my side even during classes.

Modesty aside despite being so shy I can say that I am good at school, I got high grades. At home it was my eldest sister who taught me to write and read. She was so strict in teaching me that I really have to follow her instructions so I will learn. I understand that it was for my own good.

There was an instance where my mother left me in my Auntie's house so she can go to market. that time my auntie has something to attend to, what I did was I get out of the house and followed her without my auntie's knowledge, I was running to look for her but eventually she got out of my sight and I don't where she is.

I cried. I was so afraid because I don't know where to go. Until a policeman saw me, good thing they recognized me as a niece of my auntie, they bring me to my auntie's house. She was so mad and worried about me.

When I was in grade two I improved a lot, not a crying little girl anymore, mama can leave me at school. I get friends, learn to mingle with my classmates and play with them too. We played hide and seek and Chinese garter. I got award and one of those honor pupils.

At grade three, I was more independent and confident. I had many friends...