"The Adventures of Ulysses."

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A hero is a man who is endowed with great courage and strength and favored by the gods. In the story "The Adventures of Ulysses", by Bernard Evslin, the character of Ulysses' describes the qualities of a hero. Ulysses displays the characteristics of bravery, intelligence, and strength. The protagonist in the story performs many courageous feats.

Ulysses' bravery carries him though the many challenges he faces. As Ulysses talks to his men about how to escape from Cyclops' cave, he says, "When I give the word, lay hold of the ear of your side, each of you. And hang on, no matter how he thrashes, for I am going to put out his eye. And if I am to be sure of my stroke, you must hold his head still. One stroke is all that I will be allowed." (22) By Ulysses' men following his direction, Ulysses with his great valor, allows his men to begin the escape.

The acts of bravery, along with Ulysses' cleverness, enable him and his men to trick the Cyclops.

Throughout the adventures of Ulysses, he demonstrates intelligence. Ulysses quickly and cunningly decides he and his men must hide underneath some goats in order to flee the terror of the Cyclops. He whispers to his men, "Quickly, swing under the bellies of the rams. Hurry, hurry!" (24). His ingenuity to use the goats as a way to conceal he and his men helps them gain freedom. Not only does Ulysses' intellect assist in times of need, his physical attributes help as well.

Ulysses draws on his strength to aid him during difficult times. When in the land of the Lotus-Eaters, Ulysses' men fall asleep from eating the lotus flowers. In order to save them he decides he must carry all the men...