Affirmative Action

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Affirmative action is the encouragement of increased representation of women and especially minority-group members in employment. That means that there is a quota that a company has to meet when they hire people.

Recently, universities, businesses, and many politicians have decided that affirmative action has outlived its usefulness. They argue that it is time for our society to become colorblind, and that affirmative action gives minorities an unfair advantage in getting jobs, entrance into college, or government contracts. But how can our government adopt colorblind policies when its citizens still are handicapped by race? Studies have shown that African Americans, regardless of their financial status, are discriminated against in activities ranging from a job search to going out to dinner.

I think it is in some ways ridiculous because for example: Say there are two people going for the same job position in a large corporate firm. One is an African American, and the other is Caucasian.

Even though the Caucasian may be perfect for the job, they may have to hire the African American just because they need to fill a quota of non-majority employees. So, they may not hire the best possible person due to affirmative action.

In some ways, it is good. In such a case of a business owner being racist, he may not own an entire business with just one race, just because he doesn't like the color of one's skin. Then of course there are laws that help that minority out if the boss is being unfair because of the same manor.

The fact is, America is a nation of great diversity, and while the affirmative action programs were founded on very worthy goals, our nation cannot achieve social equality, or even harmony, by granting privileges to one group over another. Perhaps, instead...