Africa in de-colonization.

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Africa- north and west Africa- the countries in north and west Africa are Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Most of the people in these countries were Arab and Berber. For many years these countries were a colony of French.

Morocco and Tunisia became independence in 1956.

The majority of the population in Algeria wants independence from France. They organized a liberation movement called the F.L.N. From 1954 to 1962 many war broke out in Algeria struggle for independence. Algeria was became independence in 1962 after the treaty was signed at Evian.

Africa north-Ghana- was the first colony that got their independence. Before becoming a independence country, it was colonized by the British. In African standard, people were welled educated in Ghana. They follow the independence movement of Kwame Nkrumah. In 1951 he won the election and Ghana became independent. In 1953 he made a speech demanding of full independence in the country and got fully independent.

Nigeria-When Ghana became a independent state, British put all their attention on Nigeria. Nigeria was a larger country and has more problems than Ghana. In the big country, there were three big tribes. In 1960 Nigeria was given independence but the result can out as what the British has predicted. A civil war broke out, the 3 main tribes were fighting each other. They suffered three years of terrible civil war.

Africa- east and central- the Belgian Congo or the Zaire gains independence in 1960 when the Belgians left. There was no African army officer to take control. The country felled into a disaster. The U.S came and restores peace. In 1971 the name Belgian Congo was changed to Zaire.

Africa-west- Uganda was given independence in 1962 by the British. There were starvation through out the country, fighting between tribes. The country was ruled by...