African Rattle: Axatse

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World Music

African rattle: Axatse There a many instruments throughout the world today. There are the modern and more commercialized noise makers that we are used to, and then the rudimentary type that have brought us through history to where we are today. They all are played with a unique style of their own and have the same goal in the end, to make and play music. It is exciting to look at the different types of original instruments and wonder how they can produce such beautiful sounds. Enjoyable, yet hard to understand. From they day we are born, we learn to appreciate the gift of hearing. It is a gift that helps us to understand noises, where they come from and to be more aware. Some noises are created into to music; a music that is produced from an instrument. An instrument that most of us grew up with called a rattle.

We listened to it while in diapers, and listen to it from time-to-time in today's music. Origin and uses Rattles have been with us since the beginning of history. There are rattles of all kinds scattered throughout the world. They are made from everything you can think of, from the popular gourds to bamboo, straw and pots. There is a variety of styles from internal beaded to external beaded. They come in many styles and sizes and that depends on the volume or tone you need to make. They are all proficient at making music. A good rattle to take a look at is found in West Africa, specifically the country of Ghana. The rattle that we speak of is the Axatse, pronounced (a-hot-say). ( The axatse is a very popular instrument throughout Ghana.

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The country is divided into six main...