Art from Marcel Duchamp all the way to Andy Warhol

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In the early 1950's many things had and where just about to begin. The war had just finished and the world of art was opening new forms such as dada and pop art. There was also people staring to experiment with drugs, rock and roll and sex, all helping them express themselves in there art and writing, such as the beatniks. The likes of Marcel Duchamp and how the politics and anger of world war one became the base on a movement called DADA. Then Pop art and Andy Warhol not to think about this man would be crazy, Robert Rausenburg became leaders of this movement. Warhols new discovery of 'The Velvet under ground' and his hipster hang out the Factory.

World War One began in 1914 and continued to murder and upset until the date 1918. It all started from the heat of political heat and the economics of other countries.

First it started as a local European war with Austria-Hungary and Serbia on the day that would change the world, July 28, 1914. The reason the war spread is that more European countries started to get involved and war was declared against Russia on August 1, 1914. After many disputes and other countries from around the world helping one another there where 32 nations becoming involved in the science of murders and power. But when the roots of there war are traced to its soul causes it seems that it was a war for Europe since the causes where dealing with present and past political and economic conflicts of previous century.

Then when the art of Dadaism came along it helped reflect the protest and hate of western culture do to the acts of the military in World War One. Another interesting aspect of this movement is the...