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Nyasha Champ

Assistant Professor: Ilka Luyt

English 100

07 October 2003

Hip-Hop Nation

The development of hip-hop music has made an astonishing effect on the music community globally. Hip-Hop music developed in the late 70's early 80's, and since than it has had a major influence on music worldwide. Since the 70's it has become much more then a style of music, it has become a lifestyle. It has also had an impact on the growth of Pop music. Due to the influence on different types of music, Hip-Hop music has had a collaboration of different styles of music. At the rate Hip-Hop is progressing it will continue to have an positive on the music community.

Since the beginning of Hip-Hop in the early 70's there have been changes in music worldwide. Disc jockeys (dj's) began to sample parts from older songs, and mixed the samples together to make a song.

This innovative style of music was then called Hip-Hop. Groups such as the Sugar Hill Gang were the first to demonstrate this style of music with their song "Rapper's Delight" when they sampled "Good Times" by Chic. When the form of rhyme poetry is added to the sampled song, it is then called Rap Hip-Hop. Rap Hip-Hop has inspired different music groups globally. Groups such as Rah-Jah (Israel), The Punjabi MC's (Pakistan) and The South Park Mexicans (Mexico/ Texas) are great examples of how Rap Hip-Hop inspired the masses globally.

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Cause of Hip-Hop there has been great effect on Pop music. The up-tempo beats of Hip-Hop gives Pop music gives the music a dance appeal. It is common today to have a Hip-Hop artist perform in a Pop song, because the two music styles are similar.

Hip-Hip/ R&B group Full Force helped Pop music mature. Full...