Age of Exploration and its effects on slave trade and America

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European influence in the Americas commenced in the late fifteenth century, when

Christopher Columbus set sail for the Indies.However, he discovered a "new world", the

Americas. This phenomenal breakthrough would forever change the complextion of the world.

European prominence in the Americas can be viewed as a catastophe. These newcomers

exploited gold and silver from the native americans. A more severe consequence to the native

americans was the exposure to "old world" diseases such as smallpox and malaria. Their lack of

resistance to European diseases lead to a drastic decline in Indian population. On the contrary, the

European encounter with the Americas can be seen as an inevitable evolution in history with

long-run positive results. The exchange of crops and animals helped both worlds develop and


The first Europeans to reach the Americas were the Norse seafarers from Scandanavia.

These voyagers weren't supported by expansionists, which lead to the dismisal of their discovery.

Centuries later, many Europeans desired contact with a new world for conquest or trade. The

Christian crusaders exposed goods like silk, perfumes, and spices to Europe. These Luxuries of

the Eastern hemisphere were quite expensive and had to be transported enormous distances. In

attempt to reach the eastern hemishpere quicker the spanish monarchs supported a seafarer

Christopher Columbus to sail west in attempt to find a new route to the Indies. Accidentally,

Columbus stumbled upon an island in the bahamas. This accidental discovery made Columbus's

voyage incredibly succesful.

A terrible problem resulting from European invasion of the Americas was the spread

of disease. The two seperate ecosystems clashed as Columbus's crew landed in the Americas.

Europeans carried the germs that caused smallpox, yellow fever, and malaria. The Native

Americans isolation from the rest of the world had wiped out these protective antibodies. Within

fifty years...