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PERSUASIVE ESSAY Guidelines and Prompts

Choose an Issue The first step for writing a persuasive essay is to decide what you are trying to persuade someone to believe. Is there a compelling social issue you'd like to correct, a situation within your school that you'd like to change, an issue from history that you'd like to address, or maybe even a political condition you'd like to explore-the possibilities are endless!

Here's a list of possible topics:


School Uniforms

School Choice

Bilingual Education

Locker Searches


Year Round Schooling

Computers in the Classroom/Technology in the Classroom

Online school

Mandatory Community Service before graduation

Field Trips


Women's Rights

Civil Rights

Vietnam War

Social and Political Issues

The Death Penalty

Cruelty to Animals

Gun Control


Drilling Oil

Violence in the Media


Life in the country vs. life in the city



Research Paper and Argument Topics

Race and Ethnicity

Should high-school history classes and social-studies curriculum be changed to reflect diversity and multicultural perspectives?

How do certain television programs perpetuate racial or ethnic stereotypes?

Should schools only purchase textbooks that offer revised or alternative histories of historical events?

What should be done about racial disparities in the sentencing of criminals?

Should the American government pay reparations and return land to Native Americans?

Should hate groups have the right to distribute literature on university campuses?

If research shows that certain racial or ethnic groups receive poorer medical care on average, how should this problem be corrected?

Should governmental organizations have staffs that accurately reflect the racial, ethnic, and gender balance in society?

Gender Issues

What should be done to eliminate salary disparities between men and women?

What should be done to create equity in executive positions for women in particular corporations and industries?

Should women be allowed in military...