I agree with Bandura’s theories on behaviorism. In my very

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I agree with Bandura?s theories on behaviorism. In my very own family examples of his ideas are very prevalent. My sister is very much like my mother and had always modeled her. They are both sensitive, my mom is very neat and likes everything clean, so does my sister. My mom likes to shop, so does my sister. They even dress similar. She has always imitated my mom for as long as I can remember. My brother models my dad. They are both sports fanatics and I can remember my little brother yelling ?touchdown? hen he was like one, not even knowing what it means, just because my dad did.

As far as me personally, I guess I looked to my dad as model. He had a good sense of humor and he was always making people laugh. I saw that as a reward and I guess that?s why I took up my dads sense of humor. I saw my mom as annoying, and a picky women, always on everyones back about everything (she is a neat freak). This would anger my dad, and being a looked up to my dad and imitated him, those same traits about my mom annoyed me too. I am now a very messy and disorganized person, and they might be as a result of me seeing my dad angry as a punishment, so I knew I did not want to be like my mom.

Another example of this is me and my friends. We are all very similar in many ways. For one thing, we all have the same look. By that I mean we all sort of dress the same, we all have the same black hair, and all like the same music ext.. Many people from school think we are...